Escape Solar Structures & Community Protection

by Donald R. J. White


Chapter contents for
Escape Solar Structures & Community Protection

Chapter 1 - About EMP, Solar Flares, HPM and Cyber Threats

Chapter 2 - EMP Damage, Range, Duration & Replenishments

Chapter 3 - EMP Countermeasures and EMP Protection

Chapter 4 - Preppers, EMP Survivalists and Lifestyles

Chapter 5 - EMP Protection Tools and Materials

Chapter 6 - EMP Protection of Vehicles

Chapter 7 - EMP Protecting Homes Buildings & Test Certification

Chapter 8 - Adding Solar-PV Rooftops and their EMP Protection

Chapter 9 - EMP Protecting a Home Garage with Solar Rooftop

Chapter 10 - EMP Protected Solar-Rooftop Cottage, Communities

Chapter 11 - Bottom-Up Management - County Planning

Chapter 12 - Epilogue and What the Future Portends

Index   (over 500 entries)

Appendix A - Lightning and Grounding
Appendix B - Terms and Definitions
Appendix C - Ten Tips to Reduce Cost of Electricity Up to 60 Percent

This book is available from the publisher at EMP-Safeguard.

EMP - Protect Family, Homes & Community

by Don White  and  Jerry Emanuelson

The 3rd Edition is available now.


Chapter contents for the 3rd Edition of
EMP - Protect Family, Homes & Community

Chapter 1 - EMP - Historical Review & Summary

Chapter 2 - Contrast Post-EMP Lifestyles -
               Living vs. Surviving

Chapter 3 - Basics of EMP Protection
               for Homes and Buildings

Chapter 4 - EMP Protecting a Building without Solar

Chapter 5 - Adding Basic Building Solar Rooftop Power

Chapter 6 - EMP Protecting the Solar Rooftop Installation

Chapter 7 - Off-the-Grid EMP Protection

Chapter 8 - Solar Farm EMP Protection

Chapter 9 - EMP Protection & Backup Power
               Cost Estimates

Chapter 10 - Who Pays for EMP Protection and How?

Index   (over 500 entries)               

Appendix A - Terms and Definitions
Appendix B - 10 Tips to Reduce Electricity Cost
                       Up to 60 Percent
Appendix C - Third Generation, Solar Paint and BIPV

This book is available from the publisher at EMP-Safeguard.

EMP-Safeguard is the web site of Renewable Energy Creations, the publisher of the book.


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The web site provides basic information about individual EMP protection.  Other Internet articles warn of Electromagnetic Pulse threats and cataclysms, but none address comprehensive strategies, methods -- and specific plans for implementation of EMP protection options, especially for communities.

In this book, the ways and means to EMP protect a housing development, hamlet, village or town as opposed to just surviving an EMP event, are graphically explained.

Survival, lifestyle, and economic incentives drive greatly improved EMP protection with increasingly larger populations up until buildings exceed several floors.  After that point is reached, increased population density generates problems including new "Have Nots" who become criminal assailants.

Quality lifestyle is achieved with no government subsidy, rebates, nor tax credits.  Financed by county bonds, repaid via shielded solar rooftop revenues from their previous electric utility bills.  A win-win-win situation develops new products and services and opens up new markets.  Millions of jobs are created providing these new services for a more resilient lifestyle.  The book provides a strategy and rationale to illustrate how all these things happen.

Donald R. J. White is a registered professional engineer (retired) and a past president of the IEEE EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Society.  The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the principal international professional organization of electrical and electronics engineers.  Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the field of study that insures that all of our electrical and electronics devices work together without interfering with each other.  EMC insures that your neighbor's cell phone won't interfere with your television, and your car's ignition system won't interfere with your car radio.  Shielding design and implementation is a key area of study of electromagnetic compatibility.

Donald R. J. White has written several books for other engineers on electromagnetic shielding design and implementation.  Protection against EMP is a natural extension of his field of expertise, and he now applies his knowledge to practical solutions to the EMP problem for both non-technical and technical readers.

Reasons to buy:  Which ones apply to you?

  • Want an illustrated book on EMP facts and creative solutions?

  • Want to learn how to EMP protect your family, home and community?

  • Want to learn to not just survive an EMP and lose your income, but to remain actively productive?

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  • Want to learn ten tips to reduce your electric bill by up to 60 percent?

  • Want to learn options for no down payment via bonds plus other financing?

  • Want to learn to create new products, open new markets, and generate new jobs?

  • Want to use these materials for classroom and community education?

  • Within a few months after an EMP attack, or any other event that causes long-term loss of the power grid, most people will become weary and despondent because of the hardship and starvation, and they will become desperate to get their modern civilization back.   Without prior planning and action, this will take years.   Want to learn how to take steps to insure that you can get modern civilization back quickly, or never lose it in the first place?


EMP Protecting Housing and Solar

EMP-Safeguard has an even newer book that has been released in 2014 called EMP Protecting Housing and Solar.   This book is written by Don White   It contains more practical information than any previous book for the civilian market.   This 2014 book is available now from EMP-Safeguard.



The chapters of the book are:

Chapter 1 - About EMP Threats and Solar Flares

Chapter 2 - Cottage Sheds, Factory-Built & Shipping Container Homes

Chapter 3 - The Building EMP Protection Process

Chapter 4 - Shielding of Building Structure Foundations

Chapter 5 - Shielding of the sides of the Cottage Shed, Home or Building

Chapter 6 - Shielding the Roof of a New Structure

Chapter 7 - Adding a Solar Rooftop to the Building Structure

Chapter 8 - EMP Protecting the Solar Rooftop

Chapter 9 - Site EMP Protection Test Performance, Procedures and Test Certification

Chapter 10 - Aging, Maintenance and Updating

Chapter 11 - EMP Protection of Vehicles


Appendix A - Lightning Control of Solar Rooftop Installations

Appendix B - EMP Related Terms and Definitions

Appendix C - Reducing Your Electric Bill up to 60% (or eliminating it altogether)

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Also, be sure to see Don White's book,  just released in 2015.


Chapter 1 -  Solar Flares, EMP, Cyber and HPM Events

Chapter 2 -  The EMP Threat and Countermeasures

Chapter 3 -  Overview of the National EMP Protection Plan and Options

Chapter 4 -  The Players, Organizations, Product and Service Sources

Chapter 5 -  Bottom-up Management - County Plans and Operations

Chapter 6 -  National and Local EMP Educational Media

Chapter 7 -  National and Local Educational and Training Media

Chapter 8 -  Shielding, Bonding, Grounding, Cable Surge Suppressors and Filters

Chapter 9 -  Communications and Transportation Protection

Chapter 10 -  National Vitals Replenishment Programs

Chapter 11 -  Government Research & Development Laboratories and Developments

Chapter 12 -  Cottage Sheds and Escape Dwellings

Chapter 13 -  Factory-Built, Shipping Container, Amish and Other Homes

Chapter 14 -  Farms and Real Estate Developer, Cottage-Shed Communities

Chapter 15 -  Other Infrastructure and Vehicle Hardening

Chapter 16 -  Economics, Costs, Financing and ROI

Chapter 17 -  The National Program, Time-Line Planning Chart

Appendix A -  References

Appendix B -  Expanded Terms and Definitions

Appendix C -  Directory of Advertisers and Providers of Products and Services

Appendix D -  Book Advertising Rates

Attached CD:   Slide Show on EMP Protection

Price:   $45 including CD slide show


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Also available from EMP-Safeguard is another book called Escape Solar Structures and Community Protection by Don White.  This book emphasizes two themes:  (1) protecting a single room (usually a two-car garage) of an existing house with solar rooftop and (2) EMP protecting solar-rooftop cottages in community developments.  See the EMP-Safeguard web site for additional details and chapter listings.  (This is Don White's newest book, published in November of 2016.)

Shielding effectiveness software is available on CD from EMP-Safeguard, the Renewable Energy Creations web site.
Slide Shows on CD about Electromagnetic Pulse protection are also available from EMP-Safeguard, the Renewable Energy Creations web site.

The Shielding Effectiveness Program #3500 on CD calculates the shielding effectiveness of any enclosed shield from a Faraday box to a pantry, to an entire home, to a commercial building or any other properly constructed shielded structure.  It accommodates the following variables:

  • Metals:  Select one of 36 types including popular aluminum and copper foils.

  • Frequency Range:  10 Hz to 10 GHz, a greater range than the nuclear EMP spectrum occupies.

  • Thickness:  0.1 mil (.00254 mm) to 1/8" plate (3.2 mm)

  • Shielding attenuation range in dB from 0 to 150 dB

The user repeats the run a number of times with different metals or different thicknesses till he gets the most cost-effective combination.  The program is easy to use and can be run without technical training.

Price:  $22 on CD, shipping included.

The #3600 shielding aperture leakage software on CD computes the compromise in shielding effectiveness due to the failure to secure all shielding overlap areas and interfaces.  By bonding these areas or maintaining defined screw separation distances on cover plates, improved shielding effectiveness is generated before and after.  The results are automatically plotted over the 10 Hz to 10 GHz spectrum to determine if adequate shielding is achieved or is still needed; and, if so, by how much.

By combining this program #3600 with program #3500 on shielding effectiveness, the user can design a shield to meet the EMP threat levels. Alternatively, the user can apply the programs to see if a supplier of a shielded installation is likely to meet EMP protection performance expectations. In this, mode consider the programs as an insurance checking Shielding and bonding materials policing tool.

Remember that the any entry wires or cables (such as used for electric power, data, or internet access) must be protected by surge suppressors or filters, as discussed in our EMP protection book:  EMP - Protect Family, Homes and Community.

Price:  $18 on CD, shipping included.

Details on the Narrated Slide Show on CD.

This is a 30+ minute presentation on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and why you need to be well informed about it and what are your action options.  Specifically, what are the damages it can do, how to protect from its impact, how to expand your protection options, and some costs and financing options.  This is presented at all levels up to a major proposal for a National EMP Protection Plan, orchestrated at the county level.

The slide show, containing 85 images, is presented by Don White who has given seminars in 39 countries on Electromagnetic Compatibility and has authored 14 books.  You will become enrichingly rewarded and focused on consequential matters with known results.  Several options are given with supporting rationale.

Limited-time introductory price is $39, shipping and handling included.

Also available from EMP-Safeguard is another book called Contrast EMP Survivals - A Tale of Two Towns by Don White.  This is what the author describes as a "factual novel" that illustrates what happens when two otherwise similar towns are exposed to the same EMP incident.  One town, however, is EMP protected and the other is not.  The struggles, adventures and lifestyles of the two towns are described.  This book is only $14.

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