Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple.  We will not sell any personal information about our customers to any other company.  No personal information about our customers, including their email addresses, will be shared with anyone outside the company without the explicit permission of the customer.  You will not receive unsolicited bulk email from us.

We do have affiliate relationships with other companies that are personally selected by the Futurescience owner.  The vast majority of these businesses are companies with whom the Futurescience owner has personally done business.  If you click on one of the links taking you to one of those affiliate companies, they will probably place a tracking cookie on your web browser for an limited amount of time.  Those cookies are only for the purpose of giving Futurescience proper credit for the affiliate status (in order that we may earn commissions on any purchases that you make from those companies).  Once you are outside of our web site, those other companies may have privacy policies that differ from ours.

The Futurescience web site was founded in January, 1996.   Most of the web pages of Futurescience, LLC have been operating at a loss for the past few years.   We are trying very hard to turn this situation around because the owner receives a massive amount of email with many interesting questions that are very time-consuming to answer.

Without purchases by Futurescience web visitors from the companies with which we have an affiliate relationship, our web pages could not afford to operate at all.

The policy was last updated in December, 2012.

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