Critical National Infrastructures Report



Note:  Two new EMP pages are in the planning stages for this site.  One will cover the subject of the EMP caused by low-altitude nuclear explosions.  The other (which will probably not come until much later) will cover a somewhat more detailed explanation of transformer damage due to geomagnetic storms and nuclear E3 effects.

The government reports in PDF format may require the authentic version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.  The Adobe Reader is available for free download from the Adobe web site.   Open source PDF readers, such as the one available in the Firefox web browser, may not work.

In September 2010, Oak Ridge National Laboratory published a series of reports for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy and the Department of Homeland Security on the effects of electromagnetic disturbances on the United States electric power grid.   The reports were written by the Metatech Corporation, and they provide an updated and comprehensive view of how electromagnetic disturbances such as nuclear EMP are likely to affect the United States electrical power grid.

Many people will only be interested in the Executive Summary.   Some of the other reports are hundreds of pages long.