The following manuals are available for free download both standard html and in Adobe Acrobat format. Please note that the illustrated manuals have fairly large file sizes and will take several minutes to download unless you are on a high-speed internet connection.

Although these manuals are copyrighted, permission is granted to print out any reasonable number of copies for previewing the kits, or for use with the kits, or for any classroom or laboratory use within your educational institution.

The Acrobat files are intended mainly for those who need to print out several copies of the manuals. For reading from the computer screen, may be better to use the web (HTML) files. To view the manuals in html format (as a standard web page) click the appropriate model number:

Model 150 kit   HTML

Model 250 kit   HTML

Model 500 kit   HTML

Model 1000 kit   HTML

If you do not have an Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free reader from the Adobe web site.

Click to download in Adobe pdf (Acrobat) format:

Model 500 Manual (2.8 MB, Adobe Acrobat)

Model 250 Manual (1.4 MB, Adobe Acrobat)

Model 150 Manual (90 K, Adobe Acrobat)

Also available separately are procedures for using the Model 500 and Model 1000 kits developed by Dr. Ping Chen of the University of Southern California. These procedures are included in the corresponding manuals, but are also available separately for download in Adobe Acrobat format.

Procedure for the Model 500 kit.

Procedure for the Model 1000 kit.

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